"Sacagawea was the interpreter for Lewis and Clark; Hal Stearns fills that role on the American Spirit (a train that follows the Trail between Montana and Oregon)...Stearns is a master yarn spinner who has spent much of his life collecting Lewis and Clark lore and artifacts. A devout believer in his subject -- 'Along with man going to the moon in 1969, this is one of the two greatest explorations in American history,' he says -- he plans to use his knowledge to convert all aboard."
-- Megan Rutherford, Time Magazine
March 27, 2000
"Hal Stearns is a professional historian. He brings Western history to life and imbues it with his extensive knowledge and passion for the subject matter. In 30 years of touring, we have never had a better guide."
-- Gayle and Paul Metevia, Amherst, Mass.
"It is easy to understand why Dr. Hal Stearns has received many accolades as a life-long teacher. His joy and enthusiasm in sharing history is contagious! I now have a greater appreciation for those who have gone before us, the sacrifices they made, and the legacy that we enjoy because of their accomplishments."
-- Luther J. Davis, Jr., Beaufort, N.C.
"Thanks again for a great program. I heard lots of good comments. One fellow almost didn't dom because he thought he know everything about Lewis and Clark. After hearing you, he said he hadn't known anything."
-- Marilyn Lewis, Int'l. Flying Farmers
Lewistown, Mont.
"A mild August afternoon brought out a record John G. Neihardt Day crowd which was treated to a spellbinding account of the great trek of Lewis & Clark. Dr. Stearns added much to the lore of the expedition with stories of the courage and discipline of the men, the democratic process used to select leaders and the contributions of Sacagawea."
-- Word Sender, Neihardt Fnd. Newsletter
November, 2000
"Hal is a dynamic, forceful, 'never-stand-still' historian who brings to life the story of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Historically accurate, he leaves you with so much information, given in such an enthusiastic, entertaining way that you do not, at the time, realize how much you have learned. If only all students, and others interested in history, could be exposed to Hal Stearns."
-- Bev Hinds, Sioux City, Iowa
Member, Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Fnd.
"A wonderful speaker who challenges and motivates students with his 'lessons from history,' Hal Stearns is the best. Our school has invited him back three years in a row. That says it all!"
-- Nancy O'Kief, English teacher
Thurston High School, Springfield, Ore.