Hal Stearns Educator and Western Historian
Uncommon valor, a saga of the human race, its accomplishments, its creations, its dreams and aspirations, its failures and triumph. The Lewis and Clark Expedition encompasses all of these and more. In his presentation, Dr. Hal Stearns takes us back nearly 200 years to tell a story that enriches the lives of us all through a celebration of our past.

It's a story that is a focus not on the past, but also on living a moment in time. the stories, recollections, testimonies and successes of the Lewis and Clark Expedition are as alive and vibrant today through the eyes of historian and storyteller Hal Stearns as they were in 1803 to 1806.

Return to the past with Hal Stearns for a new appreciation of the courage, fortitude and inventiveness of one of the greatest adventures in the history of our country: